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I need to create a promotional video for a children’s book that I have written  


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18/07/2019 1:03 pm  

Hello everyone! I am a writer, I have written a children’s book, and now I am thinking about promoting it on YouTube and for doing that I need a professional who provides me with <a href=" removed link " target="true">cartoon animation services. I need to grab the attention of my readers in the most effective manner and for doing that I think that this is the best thing that I can do. Can you please share with me your thoughts over the matter in the comments below? I would also like to know how much it would cost to hire a professional. I do not have that great of a budget and therefor it is important for me to know and start saving beforehand.

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30/07/2019 9:32 pm  

Hi, Kathy. Congrats on writing the book. I can see how adding a promotional video can help market it to a wider audience.

I have found that it's a bit of a catch-all to ask how much it costs to create something like this without defining some parameters. For example, how long will the video be? Something 30 seconds in length will be much cheaper than something 3 minutes long because it takes less time to make it. Similarly, the specifics and level of detail also dictates the cost. If it's simple text animation, that's much easier (and cheaper) than having characters onscreen being animated. Granted, some of these can be conversations you have with a professional, but it's still probably a good idea to have an idea in your mind since this is ultimately for you... and your book.

I recommend first determining what you want to convey in the video. Firming up the scope will give clarity to anyone you're considering to hire. The great thing is that you can scour the web for examples of things you do and don't like. That direction also helps to ensure the work is done more efficiently.

All that said, animators/ motion graphic designers tend to budget based off an hourly rate - which range from $20/hr (on the cheap side) to over $80/hr; and where someone falls in this range is dependent on their experience, which also goes hand in hand with the quality of work.

As a side note, I recently heard back from this Forum's administrator. It sounds like there was an anti-spam filter that was preventing links from getting published. However, it has supposedly been resolved so feel free to re-post your link if you still want to share it.


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