5 Things You Must Do BEFORE Your Cartoon Pitch

So you followed the tips on getting a pitch meeting, and it’s coming up soon. What are the most important things you need to do before your moment in the sun?

Here are the top five tips you need to do in order to not ruin your pitch and get laughed out of the building. Some are more obvious than others.

Tip number one:

Research the networks

Don’t waste everyone’s time. Pitch where your show idea will fit! You need to know what’s currently working in the animation industry. What is that network’s most popular show? What do you like about it, and what would you do differently?

Discuss these during the pre-pitch chitchat. It’s a great opportunity to show off that you’re a smart person who has done the research and has your stuff together. It really puts the exec at ease, knowing that you know the industry, or at least, their company.

Tip number two:

Know whom you are pitching to

Days before the actual pitch, when you get that executive’s name, look him or her up online. Find out everything you can about them…without breaking any laws, of course. This is more fuel for the pre-pitch chitchat!

Tip number three:

Research the audience of those networks

How does your concept relate to that audience? If you’re making a kids cartoon, understand that you’re trying to appeal to Generation Z, aka “Plurals”. Take some time to learn about them.

animation pitch speech

Tip number four:

Practice your pitch to your friends

People whose opinions you trust. Is your concept understandable? Are you able to communicate it in a clear, concise, enthusiastic way? Get feedback–the likes, dislikes, what’s not clear, what’s hilarious, and what you should cut.

Bonus tip: Try your best to get your pitch scheduled to take place BEFORE lunch! Execs tend to be more receptive, alert, and in a better mood! (After the morning coffee, but before the post-lunch digestion coma). You’d be surprised how much more interested and involved an executive is before lunch versus after!


Now that you’re armed with these tips, get out there and have the perfect pitch meeting!


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