The goal for this site is simple:

As an animation executive, I want to help put you (the artist, writer, animation director, student, etc) in a position to confidently, and effectively pitch your idea to anyone, any studio, anywhere, at any time.

After browsing this site, you’ll know what you need to do BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER a pitch.

I want to create a place where animation veterans, noobs, students, and aspiring show creators can share tips, exchange ideas, maybe even meet and collaborate. Basically a tribe that wants to help each other out.

Some people find it easy to come up with an idea for a cartoon.

Some of those same people get nervous or anxious describing and pitching their idea to someone else.

Others have a good idea on how to pitch their project, they just don’t know know the first thing about getting a pitch meeting with studio executives in the first place.

That’s why this cartoonpitchpro.com was created–to be that one-stop depot of insider tips and advice from people inside the industry who want to help you sell your idea.
successful pitch

We’ve spent thousands of hours listening to pitches, reading pitch bibles, and pitching ideas to the higher ups to know what works, and what doesn’t.

So if you’re ready to pitch a TV show or cartoon to any network or studio, have a look around!

I suggest checking out the Ultimate Animation Pitch Bible Guide for starters.

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