Who Sees Your Cartoon Pitch After You’ve Left

There are a whole lot of people who will weigh in on the decision to buy your animated pitch

Long gone are the days where you will get your “yes” in the room from one, all-powerful exec.


In today’s entertainment industry, the development executive you pitch your cartoon to will have to take your project and re-pitch it before you’ll get a final answer.

After you nail your pitch, here’s a quick rundown of who could see or hear about your project–if it appeals to the first exec:


Other Managers or Directors within the Development Dept.


The VP of Development
The boss of the executives you pitched to. Your pitch bible needs to be strong–it’ll represent your idea (and you!) to them after you’ve left the building.

The SVP / Chief Content Officer (along with his or her children and their friends)


The Directors & VPs of Marketing, Digital, and Consumer Products
These are the representatives of the departments who will ultimately support your show after it’s been greenlit and in production. Your job is to give them something worth marketing!

The Legal Team


The Head of the network may get to see it, and if they have kids, they’ll let them see it too.


And last but not least, the department intern (their opinions DO matter, since they’re often times the gatekeeper’s gate keeper!)


As you can see, there are a lot of bridges to cross. Any one of these individuals can put a bug in your drink, and crush your dreams.


But since you’ve followed the advice in this book, you’ve got nothing to fear!


A few weeks may go by, and just when you’ve given up hope and decided to get a face tattoo, you’re called back in to pitch your idea again! Awesome! No face tattoo! Now, nail the pitch again! If you can, bring new art to share.


What’s the point in mentioning this? Your pitch needs to stand on its own long after you’ve left the room. Those materials will get shared, placed on desks, read–maybe even read twice! It must to appeal to many other decision-makers and shine without you.


Fear not, if you’ve done your research, have a solid pitch bible, and your idea is high-quality, you have nothing to worry about.


You can do it!


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